EV charging for your business

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Energolukss offers


Energolukss offers a test of your electrical installation and available capacity.

Charging equipment

Energolukss will recommend the most suitable equipment for your needs.


You will receive income from charging sessions.

Technical Support

Energolukss will provide remote monitoring of the equipment.

Equipment management system

Electric car charging station
management system

A multifunctional charging station management solution for all stages of business growth – from a single charging station to a cross-border EV charging network.

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Useful information

Electric car charging speeds with Alfen chargers

Informative booklet with electric car battery capacities, possible mileage, car energy consumption and other information.


EV charging station installation cost

To receive a personalized EV charger installation and dynamic power equalization system offer for your home for FREE, please fill out our application form.


Load balancing options

The Alfen and Delta electric chargers we offer come with a dynamic power equalization system that helps balance energy consumption between chargers, adapting to available power without overloading the network.

For more information write or call us.


Our customers

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