Fast charging

Faster charging = more energy sold (kWh) in less time. These are favorable conditions for both the user of the electric car and the holder of the charging station.

Quality and reliability, these features characterize the Energolukss and our product range. Given that the equipment must operate in intensive and even crisis conditions, you must be sure that the chosen partner will not disappoint you – Energolukss guarantees it.



Energolukss offers

  • Object inspection
  • On-site capacity availability analysis (in relation to binding standards)
  • Organization of capacity increase if necessary
  • Project development and coordination with the relevant authorities
  • Electrical installation and preparation of the mounting base
  • Equipment delivery and installation
  • Start-up, adjustment and testing of equipment (in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Warranty
  • After-sales technical support throughout the life of the equipment


Be visible

Energolukss will make sure that your chargers appear on the largest maps of chargers. These cards are used by electric car users across Europe.

Additional profit

With the development of electromobility, the number of car users will increase, followed by a logical need for their charging service. Be prepared for it now, Energolukss will tell you and show you how to make a profit from charging sessions

Support innovation

Support development in the right direction, your customers will appreciate and respect it.


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