Battery energy storage system

The energy market is changing rapidly. Sustainable energy is growing rapidly, which means the need for smart solutions is growing. The energy storage system is a large, modular battery that allows you to create autonomous energy networks and sell sustainable energy at the most favorable moments.

What is battery energy storage system?

  • Battery energy storage system allows you to obtain and store energy for later use. This allows us to store energy during periods of low demand and use it during times of high demand, creating a more reliable and efficient energy grid.

What are the advantages of battery energy storage?

  • Grid stability and flexibility: Energy storage enables grid operators to balance supply and demand, ensuring a stable and reliable supply of energy. This helps reduce the volatility of renewable energy sources and reduces dependence on fossil fuel production facilities.
  • Energy storage systems can provide back-up electricity in emergency situations, providing continuous operation characteristics for facilities such as hospitals, data centers and emergency services.

Energy storage systems with solar panels.

Unlike traditional energy sources, solar energy is mostly produced locally. Another difference with electricity produced from fossil fuels is that the output of solar panels can vary greatly from day to day. After all, the sun shines more on some days than others. These fluctuations affect the stability of the electricity grid and make it difficult to match supply and demand.

Energy storage system for wind energy.

The same applies to wind power as to solar power: yields can vary greatly from day to day. This affects the stability of the grid and makes it difficult to supply electricity to the grid when tariffs are at their highest. Therefore, a local wind energy storage system offers great advantages.