The backup power supply provides consumers with power in the event of a power outage or disruption.

What is a power generator and what does it do?

Generators are devices that convert mechanical energy from an external source into electricity.
The generator provides electricity during a power outage and prevents day-to-day outages or business disruptions. Generators are available in a variety of electrical and physical configurations.

How does the generator work?

A power generator is a small power plant that consists of a diesel, gas or gasoline engine and an alternator. The engine turn a generator that produces electricity. The power generator is mainly used as a backup solution to provide power in the event of a power outage. However, it can also be used in remote areas as the main source of electricity without a grid.

How to choose a generator?

There are several types of generators. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so before making a purchase you need to consider which type of generator will best suit your needs. Before choosing a generator, it is necessary to know how much combined power is needed to supply all critical equipment with electricity. We strongly recommend that you consult with our specialists before purchasing a generator to find the most suitable solution for you.

Why choose Energolukss?

Specialist support throughout the project and beyond:

  • Designing solution
  • Sales and delivery
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Documentation
  • After sales support
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance and repairs

Benefits of choosing Energolukss?

Energolukss employees – specialists who will find the best solution for customer needs and goals.
Energolukss offers free site inspections and consultations. After purchasing and installing the equipment, we will provide you with high level technical support during the entire operation of the equipment.



KOHELR (previously KOHLER-SDMO), the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of generator sets. It has been part of the American KOHLER Group since 2005.
KOHLER Industries, based in Brest, northwestern France, has been designing, manufacturing and installing generator sets from 1 kVA to 3300 kVA since 1966. The KOHLER-SDMO brand offers a full range of portable generators, industrial generators and rental generator sets.

KOHLER-SDMO’s engineering expertise is dedicated to custom-built power generation equipment. KOHLER-SDMO uses the expertise of its R&D department and ISO17025 accredited laboratory to meet a wide range of independent power supply needs. KOHLER Industries also offers training modules covering generator sets and components, either at its training center in Brest or on-site from distributors. It also helps its partners and customers maximize the life of uninterruptible or backup power generation equipment through after-sales service and spare parts delivery. The KOHLER-SDMO brand is distributed in more than 180 countries through a network of local partners who receive ongoing factory support and training in new products.

SDMO Industries is committed to responsible business practices in implementing its CSR policy and ISO 9001 certification.

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