User and container maintenance manual

The container may seem indestructible, but even they can be damaged without proper maintenance. The service life of the container is not as long as for the house, but the average service life of the container is more than 25 years, so it is still important to take care of them. The inspection and maintenance schedule must be carefully planned to ensure that the container continues to operate for many years to come.

Regular maintenance is important for the longevity of a container for several reasons:

•       To prevent damage to the contents

•       To reduce the possibility of expensive repairs

•       Extend product life, which will increase the value of the container and reduce maintenance costs

•        To ensure maximum value for your money

Receiving and delivering the container to the intended location.
After receiving the container in the workshop, on the site, it is necessary to perform a visual inspection and make sure that the anti-corrosion coating is complete. During the transportation process, mechanical damage may have occurred, which needs to be repaired, including the effects of the external environment, in which case the accumulated dust, salt, moisture – should be washed. For this purpose, jars are placed in each container, used to remove these defects and corrosion paint and primer.

Regular visual inspection of the container.
It is necessary to perform regular visual inspections at least once a year to make sure that no new mechanical damage, anti-corrosion damage, etc. have occurred during the operation of the container.

Inspect both the inside and outside of the container for abrasion, scratches, or cuts. Treat these areas immediately by sealing, repainting and taking steps to ensure that the rust does not spread further before it begins to endanger the container.

These inspections must be scheduled and recorded to ensure that the required inspection has been carried out and that new defects have been found. For this purpose, the owner of the container shall draw up his own form or use form R-KA1 attached to this document, which shall record all inspections and repairs carried out as necessary.

In addition to the visual inspection, all hinges in the container must be relubricated regularly every 12 months.

Maintenance services.
If you want the manufacturer to perform the relevant maintenance work, contact SIA “Energolukss” about the need for such a service.