Take care of the charging options when you are on the go!

Personal charging point at your destination

Before you leave, make sure that your car can be charged at your destination.

Whether it’s a summer house, a countryside, a guest house or a visit to friends – there will definitely be an electricity source in all of these places, all you have to do is make sure that you can use it accordingly.


Safer, smarter and faster EV charging

By choosing the NRGkick charger, you will be able to charge your car from all industrial and / or household sockets. The charger will automatically detect the available power, and a safe and “healthy” energy exchange will be established using the MODE 3 communication protocol between the car and the charger.

Using a special application (optional) it will be possible to read the consumed electricity, network status and other indicators on your smart device.

Thanks to the simplified device interface, the charging capacity can also be configured manually.


Charging capacity

You will be provided with the ability to charge your car with up to 22kW of power.


Protect yourself and others from possible electrical safety hazards when charging the car without MODE 3 communication mode.

Smart charging

Record the power consumption and network condition.

Recommended equipment on the go