Alfen Single Pro Line 22kW with Type 2 charging cable

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Compact, elegant and smart charging socket for home and business Alfen’s Eve Single Pro-line electric car charging points offer a compact solution for home or business use, without departing from Alfen’s high standards. The charging socket with 3.7kW – 22kW power is placed in an elegant, light and durable polycarbonate case. The charging point can be mounted on a wall or on a rod, depending on the installation conditions. Also available is a version with a charging cable already attached with a plug and a place to store the cable. A 3.5-inch full-color screen is designed for user actions, which offers a unique business brand advertisement with the possibility of uploading the company logo. The charging station has the option of user authentication, but also allows for easy charging. The user can access the charging point data with any web-enabled device. The price includes: 22 kW charger with Type 2 cable, cable holder and display. Options: RFID card reader, stand, charging socket for Type 1 or Type 2 plug, remote equipment management system.


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Power, kW