Smartpack2 Touch

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Full control at your fingertips! The new Smartpack2 Touch raw power with a touch of elegance.

Distributed control system

New features and look on a well-tested control platform Eltek’s new Smartpack2 Touch controller offers much more than its delicately designed exterior suggests. It will be for power system managers what the smart phone is for peoplein general: so powerful and yet so simple to use it becomes an essential part of daily life.The Smartpack2 Touch is the next generation controller, and its the only controller that you need. It supports all your equipment, Eltek, Delta or 3rd party, and it has the highest security rating.

Key features

  • Touch screen - High contrast, high resolution color touch display for easy user-menu navigation
  • 2x can bus for internal power system communication, 2x usb hosts, 2x ethernet, rs-232 &amp
  • rs-485 serial ports for 3rd party equipment monitoring
  • Visual leds and buzzer for local alarms (major, minor, power on)
  • Monitoring and control via responsive web interface on ethernet ports
  • SNMP protocol: Comprehensive content on set, get and traps
  • 6 programmable outputs for “traditional” remote monitoring.
  • Expandable outputs with I/O monitor can nodes
  • 6 programmable multipurpose inputs (“digital inputs” or analog signals).
  • Expandable inputs with i/o monitor can nodes
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Backup of critical control features in basic unit
  • Automatic battery monitoring and test
  • Battery lifetime indication
  • Battery used and remaining capacity (ah or %)
  • User defined alarm grouping(boolean logic for grouped alarms)
  • Uploading and downloading of configuration files
  • Comprehensive generator/hybrid/dc solar system control and monitoring features

Modelis: Smartpack2 Touch
Ražotājs: ELTEK
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Garantija: 24 mēneši