Flatpack2 DC/DC 18-75V 24/1350

ID: 13810

Lūdzu zvaniet 67542223

The Flatpack2 DC/DC converters add new flexibility to the Flatpack2 power systems. Secondary 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc outputs can be provided from the main voltage battery. Application requiring galvanic isolation between the loads can now also be addressed.

The galvanic isolated CAN bus can be connected to a supplying Eltek power system’s control system allowing monitor and control of the DC/DC converters without adding a separate controller.

Key features

  • Wide input range
  • OR-ing protection on output
  • Boost mode
  • Quick trip pulse
  • High EfficiencyVoltage keyingSeamlessly integrated in control system

Modelis: Flatpack2 DC/DC 18-75V 24/1350
Ražotājs: ELTEK
Minimālais pasūtījums: 1
Garantija: 24 mēneši
Izmēri (G/P/A): 109x327x41 mm